Safe to say that when a game is as big as Fortnite then you are going to generate a few (thousand) haters. It’s a bit of a head-scratcher though when you generate the hate from within your own community.

Once again the wonderful folks over at Epic Games have tried to mix up their Battle Royale extravaganza by once again bringing back re-deployable gliders. This time it isn’t because you can just magic it out of your ass whenever you please but instead in the form of equipment.

It seems that there is no winning from Epic Games point-of-view. Originally introduced in a Limited Time Mode (LTM), the Soaring 50’s mode, re-deployable gliders have been a source of love-hate since Patch 5.21 back in Summer of 2018. The feature was then later integrated into all standard modes but dropped almost as quick.

Now the controversy returns. Fortnite has a knack for changing things up by adding new things and removing just as much in turn. The Redployable Gliders are likely to be following the short-lived trend thanks to the backlash that has transpired much like when we saw the release of the much anticipated Jetpack.

Fortnite Glider Screenshot

I wouldn’t expect them to last long personally but I honestly think that the feature is fantastic. It increases the pace of the game and has the potential to make the later stages of the game much more intense as fewer players are getting shafted by the storm. I mean Ninja doesn’t like them so my hopes for them to stay are low.

Are you a fan of Redeployable Gliders or are you more in favor of the classic style of getting your leg day work out in as you hoof it to the next safe zone. Let us know in the comments.

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