EA’s output on the Nintendo Switch has so far been limited as one of their flagship technologies, the Frostbite Engine, has not been supported on the platform. This might change in the near future though.

The Frostbite Engine has been powering the lion’s share of EA’s games for a bit more than 10 years now, with Battlefield: Bad Company being the first title to utilize the technology. These days the engine, among others, is used for everything from Mass Effect: Andromeda, to Anthem to their sports and racing titles.

According to a LinkedIn profile an EA software engineer has been hard at work porting SDK’s to other platforms and of course the closest assumptions here are the Frostbite Engine and the Nintendo Switch, as the engine is still being regularly used in EA’s current and upcoming titles and the handheld hybrid is still going very strong in terms of sales.

Finally porting the engine to the Switch would enable EA to cash in on the console’s success without the need to completely restructure the games from the ground up, as was the case with FIFA 18. It would also enable unbearably loud cries of “Switch port when?” for a lot of upcoming EA games.

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