HBO has been doing an absolutely fantastic job teasing fans over the final season of Game of Thrones, one of the greatest shows on television. Thankfully, we have finally gotten an official first teaser for the last season along with a confirmation of when the show will premiere, so get that calendar ready!

For starters, the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones will premiere April 14, 2019! Woohoo! Get that hype train rolling baby! Along with this date comes a rather ominous trailer that might be unnerving for Stark fans.

The trailer (seen below), shows Jon, Sansa, and Arya all walking through the family crypts. Each is walking from a separate path and each passes a statue that is meaningful to them. Jon walks past Lyanna, Rob Baratheon’s true love, and Jon’s birth-mother. Sansa passes her mothers statue, Catelyn, and Arya walks past Ned’s statue because we’re all painfully aware of how close those two were. As each passes the respective tomb, a quick sentence from a past episode plays, calling to mind a memorable moment from the show, that is equally important to their characters. Then the more ominous part is unveiled.

The three meet up and proceed ahead as they encounter their own statues! While this is by no means confirmation that these three titular characters will die, it is, if nothing else, a reminder that no one is safe in this game for the throne. As they stare, baffled, at their statue counterparts, a frost and mist approach from behind them, signaling the coming of the White Walkers. The final battle has found it’s way to their home, and it will be the toughest fight anyone has faced yet. Winter has come, and no one is safe.

Be sure to check out the official Game of Thrones teaser below, and make sure you check back with us as we collectively wait for more on the final season of this fantastic show!

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