Animal Crossing

Yesterday, game designer Paul Hubans tweeted about his grandmother’s love for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. She’s been playing every day for four years and asked for a new 3DS for Christmas, to replace her old, broken one.

Out of curiosity, Hubans checked her activity log, a feature on the 3DS which lists stats like total play time and dates played. Attached to his tweet is a photo of New Leaf‘s impressive stats, which marks just over 3,580 hours of game play over the course of 2,521 days.

The tweet has taken off over Twitter, with users asking for pictures of Hubans’ gaming grandma, complimenting her play time, and asking Hubans’ to forward their well-wishings.

When asked if he would be getting his grandmother the upcoming Animal Crossing game for the Nintendo Switch, Hubans took the opportunity to plug his videogame The Indie Game Legend 3D. He said that he is planning on putting the profits from the game’s sales towards the Nintendo Switch and the forthcoming Animal Crossing game. If you are interested in helping out directly, you can also donate money here.

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