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If there is one movie I’m excited to see in 2019, it’s the new Hellboy reboot, and if a recent statement from David Harbour is to go by, I’m now REALLY excited to watch it!

From watching the trailer we were shown a lot of practical effects, humor, and explosive entertainment but for me, it was missing much of the gore for me. However, in a recent interview inside Empire magazine’s cover of 2019’s preview issue, David Harbour stressed greatly the amount of violence and gore inside the new film, here’s what he had to say:

“There’s really a sense that you’re actually killing things, even if they are giants and monsters. You’re chopping their heads off, you’re bathing in their blood and you’re feeling the complex feelings of actually cutting the heart out of another thing.”

He further added: “We’re taking the time to deal with the fact that Hellboy is a killer. He’s a weapon.”

Hellboy Trailer Still

With David Harbour reiterating the fact that we’ll be seeing a more differentiated version of Hellboy this time around, along with the added gore and violence being in there, it’s looking like this film might just be the Hellboy we were looking for. Although the trailer was met with mixed criticism, and I could definitely see why, hopefully David Harbour’s statement will make fans feel a bit more comfortable about the recent issue and we can all look forward to a newer Hellboy at the reigns.

Alongside Harbour, Hellboy stars, Milla Jovovich, Ian Mcshane and Sasha Lane in this rebooted epic outing, scheduled for a release in theaters on April 12, 2019.

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