HP Omen Experium 65 Press Image

At CES 2019 HP announced the absolutely gigantic Omen X Experium 65 display, the perfect display for gamers with plenty of surplus cash.

The Omen X Experium 65 is a whopping 65-inch display which comes with its own soundbar built in and is the perfect addition to anyone’s console gaming set up as it features Nvidia’s G-Sync HDR to make gameplay even smoother and colors even richer. The display also offers a 144Hz refresh rate.

The display also comes with the company’s OMEN X Emperium Soundbar built in, which HP says offers vibration reduction technology and a three-way stereo crossover system “which when combined, negate the need for a separate subwoofer,” says HP.

It’s a pretty hefty bit of kit with an equally hefty price tag as HP is selling the Omen X Experium 65 this February from $4,999 with added extras that’ll likely bump the price up somewhat.

You can now pick up the HP Omen X Experium 65 from HP’s website.

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