HTC Vive Pro Eye

HTC Vive made some pretty interesting announcements at CES 2019 including two new versions of their VR headset, and details on VivePort Infinity.

So let’s kick off with the HTC Vive Pro Eye. This is a “Pro” version of its HTC Vive VR headset and as you might have assumed, it comes packed with eye tracking. This will allow players to easily navigate and select menu options without the need to fumble with a VR controller.

It’s an interesting addition, and likely as time goes on developers will be able to add more interesting features using this eye-tracking tech, however, the headset itself remains largely unchanged from the HTC Vive Pro.

The HTC Vive Pro Eye will be launching this April, according to HTC.

Probably the most interesting hardware announcement came in the form of the HTC Vive Cosmos which is being described as a “consumer-friendly” headset which will be easier to set up for the average consumer.

It’s also being touted as a much more comfortable headset than previous versions and other headsets on the market, which is a bold claim.

What makes the HTC Vive Cosmo special though is the use of cameras on the outside which means there’s no need for additional lighthouses or tracking equipment to be kept around the area of use. It can also be powered by a desktop PC or gaming laptop. HTC also says that they’re hoping it will also link with smartphones.

While the headset will need to remain tethered to a computer and have plenty of cables drooping everywhere, HTC has revealed that they’re exploring a wireless version of the Cosmos.

The HTC Vive Cosmos is set to launch later this year.

Finally, HTC announced two things outside of hardware, this includes a new user interface, the Vive Reality System, which includes a welcome screen HTC is calling Origin. The Cosmos will be the first headset to use the new interface.

In addition, HTC revealed details on its VivePort Infinity subscription service, which is basically Xbox Game Pass for VR. Launching on April 5, VivePort Infinity will allow users to sign up and gain instant access to more than 500 titles in the store.

We’re not quite sure what the fee for this service will be, however, HTC did claim that it’d be a “low monthly fee”. This is an upgrade from the previous subscription which gave users access to five titles a month.

This service won’t be exclusive to HTC Vive headsets either as Oculus users can also subscribe and access the store.

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