Last week news broke that Bungie and Activision-Blizzard were terminating their contract of cooperation with Bungie all set to self publish Destiny from here on out. Apparently, an actively developing studio isn’t the only thing Acti-Blizz lost in the split.

Following the contract termination between the publisher and developer the former’s stock has taken something of a nosedive. How much of a nose dive? Activision is being investigated for securities fraud or “other unlawful business practices”.

Law firm Pomerantz LLP has issued a press release regarding some details behind the pending investigation and if you actually are a shareholder of Activision stock you can contact them to join a class action.

As someone who’s not too knowledgable in the world of business law I can’t comment on how often stuff like this happens, how serious the outlook for Activision-Blizzard actually is and if this will be followed through but a pending lawsuit can’t be too good on your stock prices either, just to add insult to injury.

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