Fukong Interactive has announced it’s considering the “partial or full sale” of RuneScape developer Jagex, a little under three years after its acquisition.

Back in July 2016, Jagex confirmed that it had been acquired by Chinese investors Fukong Interactive and for the most part it seemed all was going well. However, this weekend new rumors surfaced suggesting that the company was looking into selling the UK-based developer.

In the same thread, Jagex representative “JagexJD” confirmed the news saying:

“On January 23rd, 2019, Fukong Interactive issued a regulatory statement to advise the Chinese financial market that it is planning a major reorganisation and is considering sale of assets, with the partial or full sale of Jagex as a potential option.” In addition, JagexJD shared a link to a Reuters report which further detailed the sale.

It looks as if Fukong Interactive is looking to restructure and thus, is looking to sell all if not part of their shares in the company. This, of course, has left many players of RuneScape and Old School RuneScape worried about the future of the studio but JD assures players that this won’t affect the company’s plans.

“Whatever the outcome of Fukong’s restructure, it won’t change how you play RuneScape or Old School, and it doesn’t affect our plans as we continue to invest in growing Jagex, RuneScape and Old School, building on our record-breaking years, and ensuring we bring you all the new content and updates we have in the works, in addition to more quality of life improvements.”

A further statement to MCV also assures the future of the studio, which is great news. For the most part, this seems to be more of a “consideration” than something that’s currently set in stone.

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