He may have those tappin’ toes, and that sweet sweet rainbow connection, but he also has a bit of juicy gossip… Kermit may have just announced a big new Muppets project! About time too, right?

It’s been four, coming on five, years since we were last served up a sliver screen helping of the Muppets franchise with Muppets Most Wanted in early 2014 — but now thanks to an interview given with Los Angeles’ own KCAL9 (via SlashFilm), Kermit himself (and yes, I am aware that he is made of felt, but he is a much-beloved household name so just roll with it please!) revealed that the Muppets have “a big surprise planned for the new year, I’d tell you what it was, but I don’t know what it is either.”

This prospect for many is a genuinely happy one, for some others perhaps not… but you’ll sure be thankful when it makes that Christmas with your strange in-laws that little bit more bearable… while you desperately fight the urge to point out that Miss. Piggy has a startling likeness to your partners cousin in that particular scene.

While we may know very little about this exciting prospect for 2019, with Kermit confirming that nothing had yet made it to production, we can’t help but be a little excited…

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