Marvel has recently updated their official Twitter page for Marvel Games with a new logo that includes a 4 in the replacement of the normal ‘a’.

This update has ushered many Marvel fans to speculate that they may be working on a Fantastic Four game as the 4 used has always been synonymous with the first family of Marvel. Check out a picture of the new logo below:

It should be known that as of yesterday it was announced that the team over at Second Diner, made up of several ex-Blizzard developers, is going to be making a new Marvel game. Whilst today we’ve now seen Marvel make a subtle change to their Twitter account, it seems that they could be hinting at what this new game may be and it looks like it could be Fantastic Four related.

Maybe it’s all tied into a new film, comic, or TV series yet to be announced?! Though I guess we’ll have to wait for further confirmation on all of the above, but I am happy to see Marvel beginning to take full advantage of the gaming industry since their ten-year gap focusing on the films.

Although now with Ultimate Alliance 3 on it’s way, and Marvel Spider-Man on PS4 ending up to be a great success, there is no better time for the House of Mouse to capitalizes on this venture and take full advantage of these incredible tools at their disposal.

Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think the mystery Marvel game may be.

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