4A Games recently released a slew of character and monster art for their upcoming survival-shooter, Metro Exodus.

The third entry in the Metro series looks to have its feet firmly planted in its own post-apocalyptic world, with plenty of Chernobylite creepy-crawlers radiating those perfect, Metro vibes – and the humans don’t look too shabby either, all Armageddon considered.

You’ve got your rat-faced Lurkers, your pack-hunting Watchmen, and your old Eastern Bloc standby, the mutant bear. And Humanimals – which I’d like to see anyone come up with a better name for. Check out the gallery below for a preview of Metro Exodus‘ bestiary and some of the unlucky survivors who have to deal with them.

Pre-ordered versions of the PC edition also come with an official digital artbook, the Metro Exodus OST, and a “Creatures of Post-Apocalyptic Russia” poster – presumably some of the critters above.

Xbox players will receive a digital code for Metro 2033 Redux, where PlayStation 4 pre-orders come with a dynamic PS4 Dashboard theme. The official Metro Exodus YouTube Channel has also uploaded a number of videos detailing weapons, story details, and more.

Players looking for their fix at least have that to tide them over until February 15th, when Metro Exodus launches for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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