Minecraft Snapshot 19w03c

Mojang continues to impress with their latest Minecraft sneak peek in Snapshot 19w03c that introduces new farming mechanics.

The introduction of campfires, exploration features and item functions in Snapshot 19w02a got 2019 off to a spectacular start and, with the latest snippet, it seems that the developers are keeping the momentum going.

In another brief update, players can seemingly look forward to rolling up their Greensleeves as both farming and general gameplay get some much needed tender love and care.

This comes with the surprise addition of compost! Yes, everyone’s’favorite loamy substance will be making its Minecraft debut in Snapshot 19w03c. Comprised of three planks and four fences, compost bins will add a refreshing purpose to players’ farming needs. This new utility block turns unwanted crops into fertilizer, which will potentially take away the reliance on bonemeal to speed up food production.

Alongside this addition, the developers have been focusing on a few of the finer details, namely that of audio work. Barrels, berry bushes, and grindstones (to name just a few) have now been fitted with sound effects, as have smokers and blast furnaces.

In other news, a huge amount of bugs have been fixed since the last snapshot, meaning that gameplay should be much more fluid than before and campfires have been revamped with a new texture and item model.

This snapshot is now live for players to check out, so stay tuned for additional posts.

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