Netflix has released the debut trailer for their Carmen Sandiego reboot which introduces a brand new look and mission for the globe-trotting thief.

Set to begin on January 18, Carmen Sandiego won’t be asking where in the world she is, but who she is, as it seems the thief was good-natured after all following a short stint as part of the crime organization V.I.L.E. Turns out, Sandiego doesn’t want to steal and hurt people, so instead, she’s going to steal from the thieves themselves. Like Robin Hood, but global.

The trailer, which you can see below, introduces us to Sandiego, as well as the two ACME Agents who are hot on her tail.

Carmen Sandiego began life as a series of educational video games from the 1980s which had players take the role of a new ACME Detective Agency agent using their knowledge of geography to investigate crimes by V.I.L.E. Goons in order to successfully rise the ranks of the agency and be tasked with finding the leader of the organization, Carmen Sandiego.

Carmen Sandiego Netflix Production Still

The game was also made into a kids game show as well as a TV series from FOX, titled Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?, and saw ACME agents Zack and Ivy jet around the world in pursuit of Sandiego.

There have also been several iterations of Carmen Sandiego throughout various mediums, from the leader of V.I.L.E., an ACME Agent-turned thief in search of a more difficult challenge, and now a V.I.L.E. Goon turned Robin Hood-esque.

As someone who watched the original, I’m pretty excited to see this new series. Check out the trailer below, and take a look at the poster which Netflix released here.

Carmen Sandiego stars Gina Rodriguez as Sandiego with Finn Wolfhard as Player. The series will contain 20 episodes. What are your thoughts on the new series? Let us know in the comments below.

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