BioWare has released a new 15 minute Alpha gameplay of Anthem showing off all four Javelin classes in action for the first time on a mission called ‘The Lost Arcanist’.

The new trailer, courtesy of IGN, shows the camera switching constantly between the Ranger class charging in with his missiles, the Colossus depositing a number of explosive mini-nukes, the Storm class raining down the elements, and the Interceptor slicing through enemies at light speed. Throughout, we are shown a lot of combat amongst the squad with the goal being to go through the crumbling temple of what looks to be an old Arcanic ruin and find the lost Arcanist.

Many people, it seems, are still having mixed feelings about Anthem, some thinking it to be another EA cash grab whilst they slowly crush the last of BioWare’s good nature and integrity fully out of them, whereas others see it to be the version of what Destiny should have been, with an in-depth custom personalization system and an impressive gun collection that fuse together endless options for different stats giving the game the longevity and the replay-ability needed that Destiny always lacked.

Watch the gameplay video for ‘The Lost Arcanist’ mission below:

It’s near enough a month and a few weeks away until we get our hands on the game and fly our way through the world of Anthem if you feel you don’t know enough about the story then check out the trailer for it here. If that wasn’t enough, at CES 2019 Nvidia revealed a 4K trailer for the game which you can see below:

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Will you give BioWare’s new IP Anthem the chance it deserves? Or have you already been burned too much by the poor MMO’s of today and EA’s continuous lack of consumer needs and never-ending cash grab scheming? Tell us below in the comments section and let us know your thoughts on the recent gameplay video released.

Anthem is scheduled for release PS4, Xbox One & PC on February 22, 2019.

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