PET SEMATARY, from Paramount Pictures.

If you’re not familiar with the Stephen King book Pet Sematary or the 1989 film adaptation, you may be scratching your head about this one. Previous articles don’t mention any Zelda…

But she is an important character in the story that producers probably wanted to keep up their sleeves until the right time. The new seconds-long “Dead is Better” trailer finally gave its audience a quick glimpse at Zelda.

The trailer consists of several clips we have seen before–Ellie Creed (Jeté Laurence) wandering into the mouth of the Pet Sematary, children in eerie animal masks marching through the woods… But we also see some new footage as well. At about the seven-second mark, we see someone crawling across the floor, their clothes split open to reveal a ridged and twisted back. This is Zelda, and in the next second, she has grabbed main character Louis’ wife Rachel (Amy Seimetz) on the leg.

Although you won’t find spoilers from us here, we will say that it’s exciting and horrifying all it once–it looks like the new Zelda (Alyssa Brooke Levine) might even be creepier than the one we saw in 1989. You can check her out for yourself below:

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Pet Sematary will be hitting theaters on April 5. And if you really, really need to know what the deal with Zelda is before then, you’ve got a book and a movie you can check out before then (and Wikipedia, we guess).

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