The latest clip of Rick and Morty posted by the official Twitter account has left fans more confused than excited for the upcoming fourth season.

It is a recurring phenomenon in culture to have good work of art be tainted by an absolutely terrible fanbase. Portal is a brilliant puzzle game with very witty humor to it, but it is hard to still enjoy it after it invited legions of brainless dolts to spew “the cake is a lie” endlessly and without context. Undertale is one of the best indie games ever made, sadly tarnished by a fanbase who insist that the Mona Lisa is a mere smudge on a page in comparison.

It makes me wonder if hordes of serfs used to take to the muddy streets of London to announce loudly that Hamlet was the greatest play ever, and all those who disagreed could “eateth mine own shite”. In more recent times, Rick and Morty has suffered a similar fate, being an above average animated comedy show tainted by smug arseholes insisting that enjoying it makes them more equipped to talk about science than anyone else.

It may make you pleased to know that fans of Rick and Morty are currently quite upset, after Adult Swim, the show’s network, tweeted a short, surreal clip without giving any reason behind it. The clip consisted of several strange images of the two protagonists depicted as different animals and movie monsters, with the words ‘Rick’ and ‘Morty’ endlessly repeated. What could this mean? Is it a secret announcement of the next series? Could it be coming out soon? Is the show continuing its downward trend in quality to its logical “ha so random” conclusion?

We do already know that the show has been commissioned for a staggering seventy more episodes, so it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Earlier this year, Ryan Ridley, a writer and producer of Rick and Morty, stated that he thought season 4 would come out late 2019. Without any official confirmation, this still seems like the best bet for its release date. Hopefully, for Adult Swim, this really is an indication of a sooner release date, as much of the fanbase are currently calling them arseholes.

Of course, they’re arseholes! That’s been obvious since they cancelled Metalocalypse.

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