Ever wanted to cover your torso in your favorite gen I Pokémon? Well, you will be able to soon, although we recommend you don’t put it like that.

The Japanese apparel company One Stitch will be releasing a collection of dress shirts featuring unique designs of the gen I monsters. Some of the shirts can be previewed on One Stitch’s site here. Preordering has closed, unfortunately, though buyers that did preorder got a free matching pocket square.

Shirts are available in both men and women’s cuts, and are highly customizable, allowing you to pick different collar, cuff, and button designs.

The shirts will cost ¥10,000, which comes to a bit more than $91 and a little over £69. Of course, international shipping will rack that bill up even further. To the biggest Pokémon fans, though, money may prove to be no object in the face of the opportunity to rep their favorite fighting buddies.

The shirts will be available online starting in late February. It appears that a new site will launch to accommodate international orders.

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