Jagex has this week launched the first multiplatform update for Old School RuneScape with the Kebos Lowlands, a brand new region for the RPG.

Following the launch of the mobile edition of Old School RuneScape, Jagex is launching a brand new region for players to explore. The Kebos Lowlands will feature the new town of Brimstone as well as a new monster, the multi-headed hydra.

The new region also includes a new slayer dungeon, farming guild, two new novice quests, and brand new rewards for players. Overall, there’ll be adventures for both low- and high-level players, a first for the game since its launch in almost six years ago.

As with all new additions to Old School RuneScape, this new addition came with an overwhelmingly positive vote from the game’s players, with over 95 percent of those participating in the poll supporting its development and release.

“Today’s launch marks an important milestone for Old School RuneScape as it pushes forward with new frontiers for players,” said Mathew Kemp, Senior Product Manager, Old School RuneScape.

“Not only does the release of the Kebos Lowlands expand the game’s continent of Zeah, the very first expansion we brought to the game since its launch in 2013, but it’s also the first multiplatform expansion ever in a RuneScape game. With Old School’s sixth birthday just around the corner, Kebos Lowlands provides a great opportunity for newcomers and veterans to explore a new environment and defeat new monsters together.”

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