Introversion Software has announced that Paradox Interactive has picked up the rights for their prison building sim, Prison Architect.

The news broke earlier this week when Introversion Software popped out a press release which reveals Paradox has picked up all of the rights and assets for the Prison Architect IP. This means Paradox will take full ownership of the game on all current and future platforms, including the upcoming mobile release.

Paradox will also continue the development of the game going forward, as well as use the “Architect” IP on future projects – which is pretty interesting.

“Prison Architect has been an intensely rewarding project for us,” said Mark Morris, Co-founder of Introversion Software. “Every developer loves seeing their creations come to life, but through Early Access, launch on multiple platforms and over a dozen post-launch content updates, we’ve been building and managing this building-and-management game for nearly a decade.

“I think we’ve taken Prison Architect just about as far as we can, and we’re all eager to see where a team like Paradox can take it next! This also gives Introversion the chance to work on what we’ve got coming up next — more on that soon.”

Prison Architect recently received a multiplayer update which allows players to come together to build and manage prisons. The game is also due for release on mobile.

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