What started off as a joke game jam demo is becoming a reality as Pigeon beat-’em-up, Pekken, is taking the internet by storm.

A little bit of internet magic happened last week at the Global Game Jam 2019, the world’s largest game creation event taking place all over the world in over 800 physical locations where people come together and design, develop and make a new game in 48 hours. This is no small undertaking as it usually takes me at least twice as long as that to write an article, so congratulations and kudos to everyone that took part in this years GGJ19.

One unusual title this from this year’s Global Game Jam has caught imaginations and has had people all over the Internet cooing in delight, a one on one pigeon fighter currently known as Pekken (alternate names including “Beak Fighter II Turbo” and “Beaks of Rage”). Check out the first off-screen footage below made available through Jon McKellen of No Code Studio’s Twitter.

The extraordinary thing is how the online response exceeded the McKellan’s expectations, growing from a game shared amongst fellow attendees of GGJ to minor internet sensation in under 24 hours!

Throughout the day, well-wishes from all around the industry popped up giving the Pekken concept their approval, and once No Code Studio jokingly suggested that if the Tweet reached 10,000 RTs, they’d make the game. Something that started as a whimsical jam project has just begun to get a whole lot more real. Soon after that bold statement and a tidal wave a retweets alt-arcade curation collective, We Throw Switches, offered to make arcade cabinets if the number gets to 15K!

Soon after that game publishers, Devolver Digital replied to their original mention with their own highly esteemed but provocative encouragement.

We at the East London n3rdabl3 Office think that Pekken has the potential to be an entertaining diversion from our gloomy smog filled lives but may need some plumping up in terms of content and gameplay.

The hitboxes are wonky, and there’s only two characters playable pigeons but don’t forget the whole package was made in 48 hours! Imagine what, BAFTA award-winning, No Code Studios will do given a fortnight! If you are intrigued to know what the twisted minds behind Pekken came up with before their crazy week, then check there upcoming Sci-fi thriller Observation coming Spring 2019.

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