Population Zero Yutts Screenshot

Enplex Games has revealed a brand new video for their upcoming survival MMO, Population Zero, which explores how the developers have created the creatures and the world they inhabit.

I’ll be honest, I missed the original announcement a little before Christmas, and I have some slight regrets about that. Population Zero looks like the best parts of Ark Survival Evolved mixed with No Man’s Sky, and I’m totally living for it, especially because of the adorable Yutts.

For a more official description, Population Zero is a survival MMO which hopes to reimagine the foundations of this genre made popular by the likes of DayZ, Ark, Rust, and many, many more. How do they plan to do this? With many players, meaningful progression, an in-depth narrative, and a world driven by the players within it.

In the latest update from Enplex Games, we get to see how they’ve forged the planet Kelper as well as the creatures that call it their home. This ranges from the adorable slug-like Yutts, to the towering monsters that roam its plains.

Check out the video below:

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While no release date has yet been announced, Enplex Games are hosting some closed betas for Population Zero which players can sign up to via their website.

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