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Razer Gaming Peripherals Getting Alexa Voice Support

Alexa... shoot that dude.

During CES 2019, Razer announced its new partnership with Amazon. Through this new collaboration, Alexa support will be coming to some of their gaming peripherals!

Gamers will now be able to change mouse sensitivity, lighting setups, screen brightness, and a slew of other settings on their Alexa compatible devices through verbal commands. Alexa will be delivered through Razer’s cloud-based tool, the Synapse 3.

On top of that, Razer also pointed out that Chroma Lighting can be added to third-party hardware through their Razer Chroma Connect module. This means PC motherboards, cases, etc. that come with lighting displays can also be altered through Alexa voice support.

Alexa support doesn’t stop there though. Through Razer Synapse, speaking into any Razor headset or third-party mics, gamers will be able to take advantage of Alexa’s multitude of other commands, giving them control over any other smart gadget devices throughout their homes.

This Alexa support is set to roll out for Razor Synapse users in the second quarter of 2019, however, it will only be available for Canadian and US users at that time. The wider rollout, for the remaining countries, is still set for a later 2019 release, but no set date was announced.

Razer also bragged that their new Chroma Connected Devices Program has officially begun and that they now have 15 new partners. While this might not seem significant, the announcement means that there are over 300 third-party devices that are now “Chroma-compatible” between their games and apps! Perfect timing for Alexa to arrive on the scene.

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