Capcom has today launched a limited time “1-shot” demo for Resident Evil 2 ahead of the game’s launch which gives players one chance to play through, and that’s it.

Available today through to January 31 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, players can try their hand at the new remaster as they take on the challenge of surviving in Racoon City in just 30 minutes. If they complete the mission, they can restart until they use up all of their time, if they fail, they have the remaining 30 minutes to try and succeed.

Players will take the role of Leon Kennedy as he arrives at Racoon City Police Station, to what will be the worst first day of his life. Not only will Leon have to survive from being zombie lunch, but he’ll also have to solve puzzles to escape the nightmare.

At the end of the demo, a new cinematic trailer will play and that’ll be it. No more demo. Players can, however, watch the cinematic an unlimited amount of times.

Links to access the Resident Evil 2 demo are found below along with a trailer for the demo.

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