The remake of Resident Evil 2 has been a resounding success, receiving almost universal critical acclaim and fan appreciation. In our review, we stated ‘in remaking Resident Evil 2, Capcom has brought one of their best games back to the forefront, and the medium as a whole is better for it. Don’t miss this’.

In spite of the fact that we have scarcely been given enough time to help Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield, and Hunk to escape from the horrors of Racoon City, Capcom has announced that we can expect a trio of DLC offerings for the game with the first to release next month.

Titled ‘The Ghost Survivors’, the stories will act as a series of ‘what if’ scenarios following three other survivors present during the Raccoon City outbreak, some of which you might recognize from your travels. The chapters: No Time to Mourn, Runaway, and Forgotten Soldier will explore the survivor stories of the recently bereaved gunshop owner, the mayor’s daughter and the soldier, respectively. The first package, No Time to Mourn, is due out on February 15.

There isn’t any information on the potential run-time for each of the packages currently, but it’s likely that they’ll be shorter snippets akin to the DLC released for Resident Evil 7, regardless, the horrors of Racoon City are far from over.

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