Marvel, go take five – NYC is pushing a new cinematic universe, coming straight from the slums of Shaolin. According to reports from Deadline, Wu-Tang Clan producer RZA is slated to direct the upcoming suspense-horror film, Angel of Dust.  Fellow Clan member Ghostface Killah will join Shaun Redick – of Oscar nominated BlackkKlansman – in producing the film.

The movie plans to illustrate some of the seedier experiences from the Clan’s life growing up on Staten Island, which has already inspired much of their prolific music catalog. Anyone familiar with their breakout album 36 Chambers is well aware of how real-life horror has shaped their careers. Any fans of 2017’s Get Out – also produced by Redick – know just how real those horrors can get, with or without Hollywood embellishment.

On collaborating with Ghostface on the upcoming film, RZA stated: “The creative collaboration of RZA and Ghostface has stood the test of time through our music. Now the opportunity to put our creative energies together onto the silver screen has arisen and I’m turbo charged.

RZA’s work on films like Kill Bill has already cemented his place musically in Hollywood, but it’s looking like Wu-Tang Clan as a whole will work on Angel of Dust’s soundtrack. As if the production credits weren’t the CREAM of the crop as is, getting a new album from the legendary outfit is just icing on the cake.

They could just go full blown SAW and recreate the opener to Method Man (highly NSFW for the uninitiated). Knowing RZA, it’ll likely be a little more, well, nuanced. Either way, in the wise words of Russel Jones – the one, true ODB – big baby Jesus, I can’t wait.

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