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Sea of Thieves‘ next update will require players to download and reinstall the entire game, but it will save you a bit of space.

The next update to Sea of Thieves due on February 6 is set to change the way the game handles files and will make the game’s overall file size a lot smaller. Good news, right? Well, in order for this to happen it requires the game to be reinstalled from scratch.

It might be a small price to pay considering the amount of data it’ll save some players. On the Xbox One, you’ll save 25GB as the game will go from 35GB to just 10GB. As for Xbox One X players, the game will go from 47GB to 25GB, a saving of 22GB, and on PC, 47GB will go down to 27GB, a saving of 20GB.

The good news is, this will all happen by way of an update which means you shouldn’t lose any data. The bad news is that, depending on your Internet connection, it might take some time.

Sea of Thieves’ next update is expected to come to all platforms on the evening of February 6. As for future content updates, we’re expecting to have the game’s upcoming Arena Update in the next few months – rumor has it, it’ll come in February.

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