Cheeky dataminers have discovered something interesting within the code of the Nintendo Switch; SNES games could be coming to Nintendo’s Switch Online subscription.

Since the launch of the Nintendo Switch Online subscription, which gives players access to both online play, Nintendo has been dishing out a nice selection of NES games exclusively to subscribers. However, in future, it looks like we’ll also be seeing some SNES games added to the mix.

According to dataminers who have been digging around Switch Online’s code strings, we could possibly see the addition of Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, and Star Fox, to name a few.

There seems to be a hefty list of games according to Kapu – one of the people releasing the datamined information – but as always I’d recommend taking this information with a pinch of salt.

Nintendo has been steadily building its catalog of NES games for Switch Online subscribers with two or three being added each month, so it’s likely that if this list is accurate, we won’t be seeing a huge drop of games, and they’ll most likely be drip-fed like others.

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