Sonic Mania made a big splash when it was released in August 2017. It developing team, Headcannon, has also just recently revealed that they had a plan to revitalize another series that was so good in the nineties but now lives on mainly as nostalgia fodder–Darkwing Duck.

Darkwing Duck was a Disney show about a duck who lived his daily life as the average anthropomorphic duck but donned an all-purple outfit to fight crime at night. The series ran for two years and became popular enough to warrant an NES Game.

The hypothetical Darkwing Duck game would have been a sequel to this, done in the style of a SNES or Gameboy Color-style game. It would have had former Darkwing Duck cast and crew and would have taken place between the original cartoon series and “The Duck Knight Returns” comic.

Unfortunately, the pitch did not move Capcom, and the demo video of the game has so hit YouTube instead. You may watch it below:

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The demo is also available to download from Headcannon’s website. Hopefully fan interest will draw Capcom’s attention and give this title a second chance!

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