Excelsior! For fans of Insomniac’s Spider-Manthere seems to be no end to the treats that the developer continues to drop. For the latest in a long line of downloadable content releases, users can don some Fantastic Four influenced suits for the New York City wall-crawler.

Though this is by no means big news – seeing as Marvel’s Ryan Panagos indicated that “something ‘fantastic’” would be coming to Marvel’s Spider-Man real earlier this month – the promise of additional DLC is nothing to be sniffed at.

PlayStation Blog confirmed as part the 1.14 update that the suits harken back to some of Spidey’s most infamous appearances in Fantastic Four comics. The Bombastic Bag-Man outfit, for example, is notably featured when Peter Parker asks Marvel’s first family for help in ridding him of the alien symbiote, Venom, in lieu of other options he had to settle for a Fantastic Four suit and fetching paper bag to tie the outfit together. In contrast, the more stylised Future Foundation Suit was given to Spider-Man upon joining the Future Foundation Team, as per Johnny Storm’s last will & testament.

Though both suits have appeared in video games before, the addition of even more suits for Spider-Man PS4 bolsters the ever-growing wardrobe for Spidey, ensuring that everyone’s friendly neighborhood crime fighter always looks his best no matter what you’re doing. Both suits can be downloaded and used as of right now.

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