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Spider-Man: Silver Linings is the last chapter of the City That Never Sleeps saga, following on from The Heist and Turf Wars to close out the first DLC bundle for the recently released award-winning title.

I’ll be completely honest, it’s not the best DLC chapter I’ve ever played and it would have been way better if released all at once as a tasty package, but that’s an entirely different topic and addresses the horrible concept of DLC and how we hate to love it.

Silver Linings sees the return of the weirdly attractive Silver Sable to New York City in quite a huff, thinking that our favorite wall-crawler has been sat with his thumb up his ass while Hammerhead runs around ruining the city. Quite understandably since they parted on..almost amicable terms…and it seems like Hammerhead is only becoming better and better equipped.

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While this was a great finale to wrap up the Hammerhead story arc, it wasn’t quite as good a play as The Heist, but it is better than it’s immediate predecessor Turf Wars. The closing chapter is quite well written and builds on the Spidey-Sable relationship quite nicely, there is a lot of fun quippy moments that is exactly what you’d expect from a Spidey title. Sable and Spidey bounce each other nicely and the rapport is fun rather than tacky and cringe-worthy.

There’s a couple of brilliant scenes and one I am utterly gutted that I missed. Hammerhead’s return is fantastic and actually had me on the edge of my seat at one moment. There’s tension, fun dialogue and badass action sequences that really wrap the arc up and end it on a high note!

But the Hammerhead sections aren’t the best part, those honors go to our Hero-in-Training, Miles Morales, and Loose-Cannon-Copper, Yuri Watanabe. If you’ve played the other DLCs (and you should have, who in their right mind jumps to the end of the story first?) then you’ll be clued up on just how Miles is shaping up, attending Spider-school with Peter and chiming in every now and then with some whimsical updates. Silver Linings paves the way for Miles to be more of a character in possibly an upcoming DLC or potentially the much rumored and speculated sequel.

Given the recent success of the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse animated movie, fans are screaming out for more Miles, Gwen and Spider-Man stuff in general! So it wouldn’t surprised if we see a Miles-focused story arc or possibly a split campaign in the speculative sequel, rumored to be centered around the Venom Symbiote and Green Goblin.

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Yuri’s story is a little more in your face and one of the better-written sub-plots. Following her brush with Hammerhead at the end of Turf Wars, Yuri gets put on “Administrative Leave”, unsurprisingly given her actions. Burned by the injustices and her personal grievances it leads our Paragon-of-Virtue down a dark path and somewhat of a fall from grace. Again, this sub-plot would lend itself beautifully to a new DLC or feature in the possible sequel.

One major improvement comes across from the combat situations. Whether the team realized they’d overdone it on the Rocket-goons or they listened to feedback and decided to tone them down from Turf Wars, you’ll be pleased to know there are far fewer of them. This change is certainly noticeable and the combat feels far more balanced, you’re not being forced to dodge 14 hundred rockets a second just to stay alive. Although there do appear to be more of the obnoxious Whippy-dudes.


Overall though the combat sequences are far more tolerable and less prone to ridiculous episodes of dodge-dodge-dodge-dodge-doge-dodge-punch, smoothing the flow and feel of the gameplay to something more akin the incredible movement mechanics. Of which it appears that there have been some more fine-tuning and upgrades to Spidey’s acrobatic prowess. Getting around the city feels smoother than ever before and it was already pretty fluid.

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