Over on the Stranger Things official Twitter account we have been given a new teaser as well as a release date for the third season kicking off the hype train amongst fans.

It seems that everyone’s summer is about to get a little stranger as a new poster not only shows off a July 4 release date but the cast as well looking at the night sky filled with a shower of distance fireworks going off to commemorate America’s Independence Day, seemingly as the release falls on the same day too it may suggest that certain events may be tied together, so I guess we can expect a themed holiday episode as the start for Season 3? Let speculation ensue…

As well as receiving a new poster we also gained access to a new teaser through Netflix official YouTube account, giving off some minor hints as to what may be going on and how July 4 may be tied into the new season.

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It all seems very cryptic at the moment but I’m sure in the months leading up that everything will become much clearer or equally stranger, only time will tell for sure! Although recently we have speculated as to who the villain of season 3 may be due to a recent IMDB cast listing.

Stranger Things Season 3 will debut on Netflix everywhere July 4, 2019

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