Developer Lizard Cube gave us a little Christmas gift at the end of last year in the form of a handful of new screenshots for Streets of Rage 4.

Due to hopefully launch at some point this year, Streets of Rage 4 comes with a whole new look, and while we’ve had a brief look at this new art style in previous screenshots a batch of new shots were shared over Christmas giving us a closer look at the upcoming brawler.

While the screenshots show more character art, the more interesting thing Lizard Cube shared was a short gif of the character animations in combat which actually looks pretty on-par with the original game.

Check it out:

While the animations themselves look pretty fluid, it still has that classic sprite feel about it which I actually really like the look of.

Additional images can be seen in the gallery below. We also get a closer look at the snake-holding lady which was teased in the original announcement trailer.

Oh and while you’re here, be sure to check out our interview with Streets of Rage 4’s publisher, Dotemu.

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