IGN’s string of exclusive Anthem gameplay videos continues to reveal a slew of impressive new features and scenery, including Fort Tarsis, Free-play Expeditions, puzzles, and Underwater Exploration.

IGN released an 8-minute gameplay video showing off some of the side-quests, global world events, and free-play expedition content. Entering into a free-play expedition enables Freelancers to take to the skies and explore the world of Anthem as they see fit.

The video shows off some new and interesting wildlife around the place, introducing the Lesser Ash Titan and some giant troll-like creature called an Ursix. As well as showing the players navigating a global event and discovering hidden loot chests, resources gathering spots and much much more!

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The video shows off the Interceptor and Storm class Javelins to great effect. Giving a greater look at their capabilities and devastating power they possess. Unleashing the Storm’s elemental barrages or the Interceptor’s light-blades can tear through a mass of enemies like a hot knife through butter!

IGN’s tour of Fort Tarsis helps reveal just that little bit more about the mysterious world of Anthem and the Freelancers. Shining a small beam of light onto the shady past of the Pilots and the Javelin armors. The Fort serves as the hub area, full of NPCs and the primary point of solo story development.

Fort Tarsis is one of many Freelancer strongholds upon the lost Shaper world, but the central hub that Anthem revolves around. Players will return here after missions to upgrade and customize their gear as well as progress the story and interact with other characters and factions.

As the story of Anthem progresses Fort Tarsis will grow and evolve along with the player! Changes may appear subtle at first, clutter being tidied away, but the Fort will eventually become a Bastion of Humanity against the Dominion! As the Fort adapts and grows, more activities and equipment will become available to players. NPCs will often task the Freelancers with side-quests and missions, as well as revealing more about the lore of the world and it’s backstory. Who and what were the Shapers? Where did they go? What and how did they harness the Anthem of Creation? All this and more awaits intrepid pilots eager to discover!

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And the last of the three “new” (we realize this article is a little late to the party) walks players through the story mission “Hidden Depths” as well as revealing some amazing new gameplay, ability sequences, and the underwater exploration.

The footage shows off the Colossus, Interceptor, and Storm (the three interesting Javelins) class exo-suits to great effect. Showcasing their respective abilities and combat capabilities to great effect and how the three classes can interact to form an effective and efficient fireteam!

As the team explores the surface world they are accosted by all manner of bad guys and wildlife, ranging from Dominion forces to the ever-present spider monsters that no game should ever be without. They don’t appear to put up much of a fight but being early game that’s to be expected! The combat looks spectacular and most importantly, fluid. The transitions between aerial and ground combat interwoven with devastating abilities is blindingly fast and silky smooth, especially when the Interceptor is involved.

Tracking the strange signals leads the team through a short but informative underwater section. Javelins appear to move fairly unimpeded by the water, slower than through the air but with the same maneuverability. This opens up interesting possibilities for underwater combat sequences, epic aquatic battles with sea monsters and other creatures! Yet to be revealed but possible nonetheless!

Exploring the Arcanist ruins reveals a simple but interesting rotating block puzzle. For the first encounter with such a puzzle, the solve in understandably simple, however, as the game progresses they will undoubtedly become more challenging to identify and solve. That being said, Anthem is an action orientated RPG, the focus will naturally be more geared towards the combat aspects than solving complex riddles and puzzles to proceed.

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Of course, much still remains to be discovered and more first look content is promised throughout January prior to Anthem’s release Feb 22.

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