When The Division came out back in 2016, arguably one of it’s best features wasitss fun multiplayer system and if the new multiplayer trailer for The Division 2 is any indication, you’re going to want to round up your friends once again.

It seems like the missions may be super similar to The Division so far, but for those that include quests like extracting special cargo, have gotten a whole new twist. Due to a botched cure that went horribly wrong, many parts of the city have patches of toxicity, making extraction of items extra tricky. To score those rare guns and armor, you’ll need to clear landmarks, take down enemy factions and secure supply drops.

The Division 2 is bringing back everything we loved about it’s multiplayer and PVP systems while also adding some all-new features such as more Dark Zones to conquer and the layered ‘rogue’ role (aka a player who kills their own teammates for extra sweet rewards) which includes three levels: Non-Lethal Agent Activity, Violent Anti-Agent Activity, and Highest Priority Target. Going Rogue does have it’s perks though, including lock picking supply crates, stealing other players toxic gear before it’s been extracted and hacking SHD terminals to uncover resources.

Ubisoft committed hardcore with their past entry in the series, to throw in add-ons and DLC post-release and this time, they’re promising the same. So you’ll won’t have to worry about running out of post-pandemic land to scavenge with your friends for a long time.

Check it out below:

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The Division 2 is set to release March 15 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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