The Walking Dead: The Final Season has faced a number of bumps in the road since Telltale closed down but after months of waiting and wondering, episode three (titled Broken Toys) has gotten its first official trailer!

Broken Toys picks up where episode two left off, with Clem and the gang facing the aftermath of Lily’s attack. Forced to turn to drastic measures, like torturing an enemy for information, it’s clear that Clem isn’t leaving anyone behind no matter the odds. Then again, it just wouldn’t be Clem if she did, am I right?

With the return of all the other kids (depending on how your playthrough of episode two went of course!), the hardened survivor turned leader Lily, and the mysterious loner James, Broken Toys looks like it’ll be jam-packed with more action than ever. We’re happy it’s back!

What did you think of the trailer? Haven’t seen it? Check it out here and tell us what you think in the comments down below!

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The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 3 will be available on all the platforms the first two games were available on from January 15, 2019. It’s worth noting that PC players will need to head to the Epic Games Store in order to purchase the season from the beginning.

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