For whatever reason(s), EA has made February a rather convoluted month when it comes to fans being able to get their hands on any version of Anthem.

It would appear being able to play Anthem will come in waves. The first being EA’s “VIP Demo”, followed by an open Beta, then there’s Early Access after Early Access is a 10-hour window to experience the entire game, followed by the game’s eventual release at the end of this month. So WHY is EA doing this? Because they can, duh!

Thankfully you’ve got an awesome video games site that is here with all the specific dates and times of those events so you don’t need to visit other stupid sites… like IGN.

The VIP Demo will be the very first time fans can experience a variation of Anthem. It will begin January 25 and go until January 27. This VIP event is for anyone who pre-ordered the game or who subscribed to EA’s Access (Xbox) or Origin Access (PC) plans. A quick side note for those that like saving money; EA Access has two versions, a basic and a premier option. The basic is $10 less than Premier, but still gives you all of the same early access benefits!! Just saying.

Anthem Artwork

The Open Demo of Anthem will kick off February 1 and run through February 3. This demo comes with no caveats. If you are interested in trying Anthem, this is the best chance to do so before the game’s release later this month.

It is also important to note that the two aforementioned demos will be available across all platforms, PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

PC users will be delighted to hear that they can experience the FULL game early. February 15 to be specific. This will let PC players enjoy the game in its entirety a whole week prior to its actual release, with one catch… The only players that will be able to take this opportunity will be those that have an EA Origin PREMIER account. Those with the basic package will have to wait.

Never fear though! For those that have the EA Access, or Origin, basic plans and own either a PC or Xbox One, February 15 is still a special day for you. While the entire game won’t be available for you to dive into early, those with either plan can enjoy 10 hours of the full game on this date. While you have a time limit, you can do and see whatever you want within those allotted 10 hours.

Finally, when all of these dates have passed and the dust settles, those that have not had a chance to enjoy any of these early access play times will only need to wait a little longer. Anthem officially releases for Xbox One, PC, and PS4 on February 22. There are no pre-requisites other than needing to buy the game.

Are you a VIP EA member? If so then be sure to check out EA’s Anthem VIP trailer below!

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