There’s a rumor circulating around the MCU side of the ‘net, that Avengers villain Thanos’ final appearance in the series will not be the upcoming Avengers: Endgame.

Instead, the snapper (as I like to call him) will again play the main antagonist, or at least appear in some capacity, in the thus far unofficially announced Phase 4 movie The Eternals.

Okay, so a bit of a Marvel history lesson here for the uneducated. In the comics, The Eternals are a group of sometimes magical superhero-like beings capable of living for millennia thanks to a limited form of invincibility. Similar to The Avengers, the team consists of a constantly changing cast of characters, with the purple-chinned maniac himself even joining the group from time to time.

The MCU version of The Eternals is likely to be set thousands of years before Tony Stark exposed himself as Iron Man, but more notably, is said to feature Starfox; the brother of Thanos. Of course, the two have butted heads in the past, probably due to Thanos’ temper, or even jealousy of his infinitely more likable sibling. We all know about Thanos’ tendency to adopt family members (sorry, Gamora), but it would be immensely interesting to find out more about his biological roots.

Since the feature is reportedly set to release as early as 2021, it makes perfect sense to put the Mad Titan in this story. After all, he was so well received in his leading role in Avengers: Infinity War, so seeing a familiar face (even one that murdered half the universe) would be a great way to ease audiences into this more cosmic entry to the cinematic universe.

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