Big Hero 6, the Japanese superhero team that taught the world how to hug and fist bump as well kicking some bad guy butt, though how much do people really know about this whacky team?

If I may use a Yu-Gi-Oh reference, a Big Hero 6 comic is as rare as a piece of Exodia. Now you might not have gotten that joke if you’re not a fan of the franchise. So in case, you didn’t get that reference, here’s another one. Finding a Big Hero 6 comic book is as rare as a mint condition base-set shiny Charizard. Now that I’ve covered both halves of my audience, let’s move on.

I do have some fears about the Big Hero 6 franchise, as it seems doomed to become as under furnished as other Disney science fiction geek franchises, like The Incredibles or Tron. Both of which made its impact on the cultural landscape but have very little of an expanded universe.

Of course, Big Hero 6 has popped out an animated series, so hopefully, it’s a step forward as the high quality can be maintained as we don’t want over saturate the market like some Disney franchises…

Either way, let’s run down some cool facts about Big Hero 6.

Big Hero 6 was actually a spin-off from X-men

That’s right, the team was actually spawned out of the X-men books as Sunfyre and Sunpyre broke off like Cleveland from Family Guy and Joey from Friends to have their own shot in the spotlight.

Baymax was a robot in disguise

Instead of being a big balloon marshmallow, Baymax was originally a robot who could assume a human form. He also didn’t like hugs or fist bumping.

Big Hero 6 Original Comic

An X-men foe has been on the team

That’s right the sharp thorn in the X-men side, Silver Samurai, originally teamed up with Big Hero 6. Fans of Wolverine will probably know him well from the comics and The Wolverine film, which many consider to the first good Wolverine solo movie.

The first Disney Marvel movie not set in the MCU

It looks like Big Hero 6 didn’t get to share the toybox with Captain America and co, but there are some pretty loose and flaky rumors of a crossover with The Incredibles, though I’d take this with a huge pinch of salt.

Have I missed any cool facts out why don’t you let us know in the comments!

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