Spider-man Into The Spider-Verse swung into the Box Office and webbed up the critics with all its success. Though do you know any cool facts about 2018s top animated superhero flick?

Of course, you can obviously guess that since involves the superhero Spider-man, it’s more than likely going to be based on a comic book. You would be very right if you thought that since the Spider-Verse is based on a 2014 story event which several ongoing comic book series and special mini-series to tell the tale of Peter Paker and company coming together to face a bigger threat.

Aside from this, though, webbed out 4 cool things that we know about the Spider-Verse to simply amaze you.

Gerad Way came up with Peni Parker AKA SP//dr

That’s right My Chemical Romance frontman has a huge passion for comics. Some of his key works include Umbrella Academy, which due to get a live-action series through Netflix, and Peni Parker.

Peni first appeared in the Edge of the Spider-Verse in an adventure which saw her teaming up with an alternate version of Daredevil in the wake of her father’s death.

The original story had a different villain

In the comics, The Spider-verse was quite different. For starters, you had a much larger roster of Spider-folk coming together to team up and do battle.

Unlike the film, where they did battle with the Kingpin, in the comics, it was against a family of universe hopping vampires.

The young Peter Parker isn’t the only Spider-man with Blonde Hair

The Peter Parker from the same universe as Miles Morales had blonde hair. Obviously, Peter had been previously depicted with brown hair. Though some fans, of course, know that Ben Reily, Peter’s clone had blonde hair.

So could the Miles-verse Peter Parker have actually been Ben Reily?

Alchemax was actually first featured in Spider-man 2099

Eagle-eyed viewers of the film will have noticed the spider that bites Miles was marked with the name Alchemax.

Alchemax is an evil company that Spider-man 2099 did battle with which of course ties in with a later scene in the film that I won’t spoil.

Have we missed out any cool things? Let us know in the comments below!

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