2017’s Cuphead is a very special game. For people to still be raving about its hard as nails gameplay, fantastic soundtrack and now famous art direction 18 months after its initial release, you know the years it spent in development hell were worth it.

In fact, this hand-drawn animation style, which takes inspiration from the iconic Fleischer flicks of the past, is so damn good that Dark Horse Comics and Studio MDHR have joined forces in order to release an art book showcasing the achievements of the games workforce.

Cleverly named “The Art Of Cuphead”, the book is reported to be around 160 pages long, including concept drawings, frames used in the game itself and disused retro designs of Cuphead, Mugman and a myriad of other characters seen in the run and gun title. Game Directors Chad and Jared Moldenhauer will also provide an insider commentary to accompany the images, outlining the game’s development and the reasons for the changes to its design as time progressed.

Set for release on October 22 of this year in various stores, “The Art Of Cuphead” will set you back $30; a small price to pay for a slice of gaming perfection.

The Art of Cuphead

It really is an exciting time to be a Cuphead fan, as in addition to this collector’s item, the game’s first piece of DLC (titled “The Delicious Last Course”) is also set to be released later this year. Plus, fresh rumors have been circulating of a Switch version of the title being in development, as a part of the Microsoft/Nintendo collaboration which could include an Xbox App and the well-received Game Pass service transitioning to the portable system.

Microsoft currently holds lifetime console exclusivity for the game, so this deal could represent a major win for Nintendo, as well as a huge step towards true cross-platform connectivity.

Either way, more Cuphead in our lives is never a bad thing, as games like this really do deserve every success they receive.

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