As You Sow’s 2019 “Most Overpaid CEOs” list has been published and it features both EA Games and Activision… which is pretty damn awkward.

As You Sow is a non-profit advocacy group who annually releases a list of overpaid CEOs to highlight just how much money corporate bigwigs are paying themselves – and to promote corporate responsibility. This year’s list features EA Games and Activision in among the top 100.

First, there’s Activision’s Bobby Kotick, who, based on a calculation which takes into account shareholder returns, saw him receive an annual pay of $28 million, which the non-profit estimates him being overpaid by almost $13 million. This is pretty awkward considering the company recently laid off almost 800 staff.

Then there’s Electronic Arts’ Andrew Wilson further down the list in 98, which makes sense considering EA has been previously rated as the worst company in America. According to the report, he was overpaid by almost $19 million.

As You Sow says that the median ratio between CEO and median worker is 142:1. Taking this into account, Kotick is at a ratio of 301:1 and Wilson is at 371:1.

This news comes as both companies appear to be in hot water in some way or another, with the aforementioned layoffs at Activision followed by EA having a “difficult year” due to the poor reception of Battlefield 5. Though things seem to be looking up for EA as Respawn’s Apex Legends took the gaming world by storm.

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