Netflix has released a 30-second teaser showcasing the new and returning, roster of Sleeves that will be used in Altered Carbon season 2.

Anthony Mackie, more commonly known as Falcon in the MCU, had already been announced to be replacing Joel Kinnaman as Takeshi Kovacs. For those unfamiliar with the first season, (which if you are I’ve no clue why you’re even reading this article, but thanks for the clicks!) Kovacs is a special ops soldier turned revolutionary turned mercenary. He answers to no one, except his dead lover/mentor Quellcrist Falconer. His never-ending search to reconnect with his lost love takes us across multiple decades and even centuries. It also grants Netflix convenient reasons to replace the main actor, because Sleeves.

Sleeves are empty human bodies that have no consciousness of their own, and they play an integral part in Altered Carbon’s intricate story-telling.

Speaking of Quellcrist Falconer, and no she is not a real Falconer, Renee Elise Goldsberry will be reprising her role as the primary love interest of Kovacs. Her primary drive though isn’t reconnecting with her love, so much as it is to “restore the balance” between life and death. Within Altered Carbon is this re-occurring question of is “re-sleeving” ok, or should people only get one body, one life? Falconer seeks to bring balance back to that scale.

Other notable characters making their first appearance to the show is Trepp, played by Simone Missick. Trepp is a well-known bounty hunter whose morality falls in the grey area of the spectrum. She’s most commonly known for being able to locate and apprehend anyone within the Settled Worlds as long as the price is right; which also happens to be her favorite TV show.

Altered Carbon Screenshot

Torben Liebrecht will play Colonel Ivan Carrera. Carrera is the leader of the Protectorate Special Forces who’s primary objective is finding and killing Takeshi Kovacs. James Santo will play Tanaseda Hideki, a very old, very well known Yakuza boss who runs the criminal underworld and has an interesting history with Kovacs.

Dina Shihibi assumes the role of Dig 301. She’s an out-dated A.I. who serves as an assistant to archaeologists, that is until she meets Poe who shows her a higher purpose in life. Who is Poe you ask? Only the single greatest character within the Altered Carbon universe! Poe will be played by returning actor Chris Conner. Poe takes on the look of the well-known poet, Edgar Allen Poe, and is a highly evolved A.I. compatriot of Kovacs. His fealty to Kovacs is unmatched and only rivaled by his burning desire to understand what it means to be “human”.

You can check out the cast trailer below, and be sure to check back with us here at n3rdabl3 as more details regarding the sophomore season of Altered Carbon release!

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