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It has been a busy couple of weeks for Apex Legends, the prodigious battle royale title reached 25 million players in its first week and that number continues to grow. With its maiden invitational already complete and another tournament ready in the wings, Respawn Entertainment seem to be on to a winning formula.

On the 19th of February, 48 of the world’s largest Twitch streamers will duel it out in the biggest tournament to date. Broadcast live on the Apex Legends Twitch channel, the community can tune in to see the best players that the battle royale genre has to offer.

However, behind the success and hype that has ensued, Apex Legends has been hit with its fair share of challenges. In just 10 days Respawn Entertainment has already banned more than 16,000 players for cheating across all platforms and have since reached out to the community to report anyone they feel is not playing fairly.

Alongside this, the developers have not been able to keep everything under wraps, having been tested by a growing number of data miners. There have already been a large number of leaks believed to reveal future content, the likes of which includes information on two potentially new Legends and another game mode, all yet to be announced.

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So what do we know about these new Apex Legends characters so far? Well, the two new Legends are supposedly named Wattson and Octane, while little is known about their appearances, we do have an idea as to what their abilities are.

Wattson seems to have the ability to utilize an electrically charged trap, would it be wishful thinking to hope that it’s actually the Mauville City Gym Leader from Pokémon’s third generation? Meanwhile, Octane can wield some form of stimulant injection, suggesting that they might be a support class character to accompany Lifeline.

The next major gameplay update for Apex Legends is due to go live in March, meaning that it will be interesting to see whether these findings come into fruition. However, in more recent time, Respawn Entertainment has been delivering on community feedback by tackling a series of bugs listed as follows:

  • Resolved the bug which caused players to move sluggishly after being revived.
  • Fixed the issue which caused GPU hanging.
  • Using Mirage’s ability no longer causes game crashes.
  • Pressing the load button too early no longer causes the game to crash.

In other news, March will also see the introduction of season one and the maiden release of the battle pass as well as more weapons, loot, and information on new Legends.

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