Respawn Entertainment has revealed that the first competitive season of Apex Legends will begin in March.

Apex Legends has come out of the gates swinging and it’s already breaking records left, right, and center. Having just hit 25 million players in under a week, the game is proving to be a pretty big hit with gamers, streamers, and viewers alike. For the moment, it’s your typical Battle Royale affair, but come March new content will be coming to the game.

Respawn Entertainment has released the roadmap for Apex Legends which reveals when players will be able to get their hands on the first Battle Pass with competitive Season 1. This season is expected to begin in March which will be followed by a number of other seasons as the year continues – obviously.

Check out the full roadmap below:

As you can see each of the seasons will bring with it not only a new Battle Pas, but new Legends, Weapons, and Loot which is pretty decent. Though it’s likely that, by Season 2, players will be clamoring for a new map.

Outside of official announcements, there’s a reported leak which suggests that Apex Legends will be getting both a solo and duos mode in addition to the standard three-player mode.

In the code above, you can see highlighted snippets such as “#SOLO_MODE” and “2-man squads”. With competitor titles like Fortnite and Blackout also offering solo and duo modes, it’d make sense, however, one of Apex Legends’ more unique and celebrated features is the incredible pinging system.

I fear that adding solo and duo modes would make Apex Legends just another Battle Royale, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but brushing aside one of the game’s applauded features might be a bad move, in my opinion.

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