Battlefield 5’s latest Grand Operation, the Battle of Hannut, is now available across all platforms – which is surprising.

The Battle of Hannut switches up the formula of previous Grand Operations campaigns and will make use of Rush mode for one of its four stages.

The Battle of Hannut will begin on the recently altered map, Panzerstorm, for the first two days, before heading onto Arras for days three, and four. Airborne is the game mode set for the first day, this will be followed by Breakthrough for the second, before turning to 64-player Rush on the third day. The battle could reach a fourth day, at which point it will turn to Final Stand.

It is unclear as to whether there will be any significant changes made to the overall structure of Grand Operations but this may be addressed in the future.

It is likely that DICE are trialing the Rush mode as part of this Grand Operation ahead of its temporary arrival to Battlefield 5 on March 7, though this version of the mode will be subject to the far less chaotic 32-player cap and set across the Twisted SteelNarvik, and Devastation maps.

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