theMeatly, the developer behind the hit indie horror title, Bendy and the Ink Machine, has announced that another Bendy title is on the way.

Having just celebrated the second anniversary of Bendy and the Ink Machine, the episodic horror game which has players exploring a seemingly abandoned animation studio, theMeatly took to Twitter to share their excitement for the future.

That’s right, it looks like Bendy, Alice, and Boris may be making a return as another “large-scale” title may be in the works. Of course, it’s super early days, and we have no idea how this fits into the game’s universe, y’know considering the first game wrapped pretty significantly.

Either way, we’re pretty excited to have the crap scared out of us by another fucking Bendy cut-out.

Bendy and the Ink Machine recently made an appearance on Nintendo Switch, you can read what we thought about it in our review.

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