As with any good open world game, Crackdown 3 is absolutely full to the brim with collectibles. One such category comes in the form of DNA Strands so as to unlock 15 unique Agents to add to the roster available.

I have painstakingly scoured the map of New Providence so you don’t have to, and after scaling countless buildings and under anything I could fit under, I have done it. Each location will have, not only a map for you to reference there will also be what you need to be looking out for and the occasional hint. So, without further ado, here they are.

Location 1

The first DNA Strand can be found in The Exchange on top of a building near the edge of the map. This one is extremely easy to obtain and can be done without putting too much time into increasing your Agility skill as the building which it is located on has closely spaced ledges for you to skip up.

Location 2

As like the previous collectible, the next one in our list is easy to obtain and doesn’t require any boost to the Agility Skill.

The second DNA Strand is located on a beach front in Founders Footsteps, all you need to do is follow the edge of the water that runs up the map.

Location 3

Khan’s Scar is home to our third DNA Strand and the problem with this one was that this location is one of the biggest single locations.

For this one, you’re going to want to bound on over to the edge of the map once again. Next, you will want to start working your way up the 3D maze until you can get on to the top of the Monorail Station where you will find the carcass of our next Agent. I would recommend attempting this with Agility at no less than level 2.

Location 4

Another easy one where there are no Agility requirements is situated in the Dumping Grounds.

Throughout the area, there are a few, what appear to be, ruined structures and in one situated close to the map’s edge (once again) is the next DNA Strand for you to pick up.

Location 5

For 33% completion here, you will want to head over to the Favela-like settlement over in Pickers Pen. You will find this next DNA Strand in the middle of a fairly big clearing surrounded by shacks.

Location 6

The Sulphur Spits is the next stop on our round trip of New Providence for the reclamation of our Agents.

To the East of the center of the area is out DNA Strand and once again there isn’t any hard work involved as we can find the charred remains at ground level once more.

Location 7

Here we have a DNA Strand that had me fooled for a little while. The location is a garishly tall statue of game Antagonist; Elisabeth Niemand, located within yet another large area; The Refinery.

I was expecting to have quite the challenge on my hands in scaling the monolithic monstrosity only to find that there was an opening in the statue’s base. Here you will find a little pond with our collectible easily noticeable. So once again, no hardcore parkour necessary.

Location 8

After your little tourist visit to Niemands perverse show of ego-maniacalism, we need to cruise on over to the entertainment district of Ashwood Marina.

There are 3 Strands of DNA here and all are within spitting distance of one another. The first of which we can find on the edge of the map (again).

Approaching Ashwood Marina via the highway from The Refinery, you can make a leap of faith with your Agility Skill at level 2 comfortably.

On your approach, you will notice 3 near identical buildings and for this Strand, you will want to be on the rooftop of the last of them. You could come at it from the ground up but if you are fortunate enough to find yourself on the highway just on the West, you won’t have much effort to put in here.

Location 9

Staying in Ashwood Marina, you will need to take a few leaps West just beyond the Prison (one of the Security sub-missions) where you can find an awning. Get yourself to the topmost level of this and you can find the collectible towards the North. Once again I would recommend level 2 in Agility for a viable attempt.

Location 10

This is the end of our journey in the easy-on-the-eyes Marina.

Situated fairly central of the Marina is a lake, and within that lake, there is an island. I would suggest approaching the island from the West here as it is the shortest distance to jump as the surrounding water can leave you poisoned. Once on the island head to the Eastern most shoreline and you will find the DNA Strand, meaning there is only 5 left.

Location 11

So for this one, you will want to make sure that your Agility Skill is at least level 4 because you are in for one hell of a climb, and maybe bring some big guns, because there are a lot of guys on the way up.

The Vision is our next destination and you will instantly notice a cluster of buildings with quite some height. There is a Rooftop Race in the area which I would recommend taking part in as it takes you straight up and near to the DNA Strand located right near the very top.

Location 12

This next DNA Strand is once again at ground level on a shoreline.

Situated in Southern Heights you will want to scour the shoreline of the Slums to get another step closer to 10% completion, just beware that this is located fairly close to a high-level target so make sure to snatch-and-run if you aim for this early game.

Location 13

Staying in Southern Heights is one of the hardest to obtain collectibles from what I found.

Situated atop a windmill on the wall which separates the Favela from the Fun is our unlucky number 13. You could try to meticulously calculate all your jumps up and around the wall and windmill (like I did….) or you could climb the towers just behind and make an attempt to drop down on to the top. Make sure that you have your Agility Skill at level 4/5 regardless of how you attempt this.

Location 14

The penultimate and final DNA Strands are both located in the endgame area of The Pantheon.

The first of them is fairly easy to acquire and isn’t too far from either in Pickers Pen or Sulphur Spits. It is situated on the top of a tunnel entrance and stands out as there is a fire glaring off the rocks. For an efficient attempt, Agility Skill at level 3 is what you will need.

Location 15

Here we are! The final DNA Strand!

Situated not too deep into The Pantheon, just South of the TerraNova HQ are a cluster of three buildings. Agility Skill level 4 is recommended, but thankfully there are some vents which can give you an extremely significant boost to help you get up to the top. Once at the very top, situated on a closed ventilation cover is the final Agent!

There you go folks, 15 more playable Agents and a little boost to your Gamerscore (20G’s and hours of work… all for you). Even after all that I never swapped from Terry Crews character; Commander Jaxon, worth it!

In our review of Crackdown 3, we wrote that the game ” may not bring anything new to the franchise, but it does bring a tried-and-tested formula. It feels familiar to those who have played the earlier titles. Regardless of what shortfalls it may have, it is still a violently fun game with a vibrant world with plenty to destroy!”

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