The much-anticipated release of Crackdown 3 is only one week away. Therefore testing of the Multiplayer side has now begun.

Testing began February 7/8 at 8PM GMT/12PM PST and 5AM GMT/9PM PST (Feb 7) respectively. This doesn’t mean that you have missed out, however, as there are plans to announce more times over the weekend via the Facebook page, Twitter, Discord, and the Xbox Insider Hub.

The Wrecking Zone mode is being run on new technology (The Azure Cloud) which is going to be utilized in ways never done before, as players can level entire buildings in the latest installment of Crackdown. With such a huge variable being able to take place, it seems safe to say that the more data, the better.

Crackdown 3 screenshot

Testing has been ran daily internally to try and gather as much data as possible, but Microsoft says that real-world testing from players is the best step, over on their site.

Wrecking Zone mode sees groups of Agents fighting it out for points by gathering their badges upon a kill (essentially Kill Confirmed from the Call of Duty franchise). There is only one map available during the test, however. Hopefully, the reports Microsoft gather can be used to optimize every map in the game.

Will you be testing Wrecking Zone over the weekend or will you just wait for Crackdown 3 to release next week? Tell us in the comments!

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