In surprising news today we’ve learned that comic book giant, DC Comics, is attempting to build a high-end cuisine based upon the DC Multiverse in London.

We’ve learned that the current occupier, MASH steakhouse, which lies in the heart of Soho, will be the space where this restaurant will be built. We’ve known for some time now that the steakhouse would be undergoing new ownership/refurbishment but it came as a surprise to learn that DC is interested in acquiring the rights to build there own high-end superhero-themed restaurant in its place.

It’s planning on drawing from its huge roster of heroes, including food based on Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and many more iconic faces of DC. In their application of the planning documents we get an idea of what they would like the layout to be, this would involve:

  • A hidden entrance into the main dining area.
  • The design will be a contemporary interpretation of the art deco period as they think it fits well with the DC Universe.
  • There will be a lounge bar called Pennyworth’s (Batman’s butler).
  • One dining room will be based upon the infamous Iceberg Lounge (Batman’s enemy Penguin runs this famous club in the comics).
  • Another section at the back of the restaurant will be made into Arkham Asylum.
  • And lastly, a fine dining area based upon secret identities.

DC Comics Batman

This is all really exciting news, what better time to open up this type of restaurant in the current golden age of superheroes and the recent success of DC’s Aquaman, it’ll still be a while away until anything is set in concrete so let’s sit back and watch how this all plays out!

Meanwhile, I’ll be working hard on my own made up menu, featuring Batarang shaped chicken nuggets and Joker smiley potato faces to send into the planning documents, ya know, in case they needed any help with the food selection… You heard it here first!

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